Youth Development

Pro-Fit Program
UCC’s Pro-Fit Program focuses on physical fitness, sports activities, and mental health. Youth build leadership, teamwork, and goal attainment through high intensity interval training drills, basketball, volleyball and other team sports. Pro-Fit focuses on the physical aspects and integrates the mental health of the youth. Through our partnership with Pacific Asian Counseling Services (PACS), UCC educates and informs of mental health concepts, conditions, symptoms, and services through the Integrated Network for Cambodians (INC) program. Youth express themselves through group discussions and talk about what is happening in their lives and their city.Program days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm – 6pm at Stearns Park.

UCC youth basketball
Journey to Success
UCC’s goal for the Journey to Success Program is to expose and build academic opportunities for higher education with underprivileged high school youth. In partnership with California State University Long Beach (CSULB), UCC hosts financial aid workshops, college readiness workshops and tours at CSULB. The youth experience life on campus and even attend basketball game. Through these experiences, the youth expand their knowledge for college and are motivated to further their education.

The Workforce Investment Program
The Workforce Investment Program assists underprivileged out-of-school youth to strengthen their interpersonal skills by providing them with a 2 week soft skills training. Each participant is assigned a case manager who monitors their progress and helps them to develop and work on personal, professional, and academic goals. The training is followed by the National Work
Readiness Training, Certified Nursing Assistance or Hiset and Work Force Credentials. After completing the training, each participant receives 100 hours of work experience. Among completion, ACCORD provides each participant with interview development skills and resume building assistance. We then provide job leads. Upon receiving work, case managers will assist in any way possible and continue to support them as they work.

Living arts long beach
Living Arts Long Beach
At UCC we are branching out to various community partners, E3 and ARTExchange for our Living Arts Long Beach program. Which introduce high school and young adults to a possible career in the art field. We bring in various artists, from fashion designer to architect, where they conduct a workshop about real world benefits and challenges. We are also partnering with California State University Long Beach in outreach to give internship opportunity for students to gain experience in teaching assistance in the program.

Our 2016 Beach Roots Concert was a great success! This was a community outreach to for Living Arts Long Beach participants. View the view here:

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